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Introducing Steve Jones

The Founder of Natural Bodz Association

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Steve Jones Biography

Where it All Began

In the realm of iron and sweat, I embarked on a journey

In realm of iron and sweat, I embarked on a journey that started with a skinny kid and an insatiable curiosity. Thirty-eight years ago, my initiation into weight training was not coerced but a choice, a decision influenced by a father whose tales echoed with the golden era of bodybuilding, where aesthetics reigned supreme.

Picture this: classic physiques, devoid of distortions from pharmaceutical excesses, training alongside legends like Reg Parks and witnessing the aesthetic marvel, Steve Reeves, snatch the 1950 Mr Universe title in London.

My dad’s stories planted the seeds of a passion that would shape my life. Weight training became my haven, a realm where control over my body translated into a sense of empowerment. A basic three-day workout plan laid the foundation, yielding gains that would mark the pinnacle of my physique.

At a mere 13, nerves and anticipation overwhelmed me as I stepped onto the stage, clad in little trunks, to perform a one-minute posing routine. Surprisingly, I clinched first place, debunking the myth that size equated to success. The realization struck—I didn’t need to be a behemoth; quality trumped quantity.

As the years unfolded, navigating various categories, I unearthed the artistry within bodybuilding. It wasn’t a quest solely for muscle mass but an endeavor to craft the illusion of size and finesse. The archaic terms “symmetry” and “shape” now coalesce under the trendy umbrella of “aesthetics,” aligning physique creation with artistry.

Rising from Darkness to Light

My Journey of Resilience

Life has a unique way of molding us through unforeseen trials. At 17, my world turned upside down with the sudden loss of my younger brother, a tragedy that shattered our family. Grieving, we decided to seek solace in a new beginning. We left behind our successful gym business in New Zealand and embarked on a fresh start in Australia.

Arriving on the Gold Coast, Australia, I poured my heart into establishing a new gym, a labor of love that eventually thrived, providing me with more time to pursue my passion for bodybuilding. Five years of dedication saw its success, but life’s chapters don’t end on one page. It was time for another turn in the story.

This transition led me to the world of health supplements, an industry I embraced wholeheartedly, establishing a brand that continues to flourish. Amidst this new venture, fate smiled as I crossed paths with a remarkable woman who not only became my partner in life but also ignited a new phase in my career.

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Natural Bodz Association

Together, we ventured into organizing fitness events on the Gold Coast, drawing competitors from across the globe. The events grew, showcasing some of the finest athletes and cementing our presence in the fitness realm. This success laid the groundwork for my next endeavor.

Fueled by a passion to empower and educate, I launched Natural Bodz – a health and fitness magazine. Over a decade, it reached the hands of fitness enthusiasts in Australasia and the USA, delivering valuable content and inspiring stories.

With Natural Bodz Magazine, we ventured beyond the pages to offer global exposure to aspiring athletes. Our platform didn’t just stop at showcasing talent; we aimed higher, selecting teams through our events to compete in prestigious fitness shows held in Las Vegas. Our goal was to extend opportunities for local athletes to shine on an international stage.

The pride we hold for the events we orchestrated is immeasurable. Over a decade, we curated moments that resonate with hundreds of athletes worldwide. From these shared experiences, connections, and the joy of witnessing dreams take flight, our journey has been nothing short of fulfilling.

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